What is it like of the post-pandemic fitness industry? Sep 25, 2020

The pandemic changed the fitness industry. Due to the Coronavirus spread worldwide widely, many gyms and fitness centers are closed. But the demand for home fitness products sharply surged.

“Out of stock” ” Pre-Orders” are becoming hotter words in the fitness business. All of these brought new tests to fitness traders and manufacturers, like the ragged quality on the market. Thanks to the urgent need for a quick lead time, some manufacturers just shortened the vulcanizing time to produce more products. This produced complex consequences—On the one hand, many trading companies and wholesalers got the products through relatively quick delivery, but the quality of the products is too bad. On the other hand, many factories benefited from the rounds of rush production. They do not want to upgrade equipment and bring in new technology to improve their quality.

It will be a bad result eventually.

As a manufacturer, we always believe one thing—–Good quality, good service. In tomorrow’s fitness market, people need more hygiene gyms, more safe and quality products at more competitive prices. We like to work together with every mind-like customer and devote ourselves to making a brighter future!