Environmental protection facility Oct 7, 2021

As a manufacturer, we know the importance of environmental protection during our production activities. Since 2019, we have kept investing in facilities to protect the water, soil, air in our zone.

Some fugitive emissions of additive chemicals may be released from the compounding area, or they may be produced when the chemicals are loaded into the oven of the dispersion, and then scatter into the air.

To offer a relatively safer working environment, we had put some measures into our daily work before the environmental protection facilities equipped. Like:

  • Put the weighed agents in sealed plastic bags. This action can limit the dust generation during the mixing.
  • Clean the equipment and the working area after one shift.

Environmental protection needs various human activities. As a manufacturer of rubber bumper plates, gym rubber tiles, and custom rubber solutions in China, we should comply with the trend of the times. Environmental protection requirements play a vital role in our production. In the past first half of 2021, some factories had to close because of the strict environmental protection policy. Of course, we had to follow the local rules to stop our production. We had installed some environmental protection machines in 2019, so that is why this governmental action did not bring a huge impact on our production activity.