The Year of Tiger Jan 5, 2022

2022 is a year of Tiger.

In Chinese culture, Tiger is a symbol of strength, power, and bravery. Of course, some elderly always praise a boy with “Look, he looks so ‘ tiger head, tiger brain’ "( Chinese--Hu tou, Hu nao). It means looking so strong and steady. In some dialects, like in Heilongjiang province, the northeast part of China. People describe some guys' silly and funny actions with "Tiger(hu)", which means funny stupid.

There are many dialects in China. I had walked on a street downtown in Ningbo city, southeast China. Passing by some local people while they were talking to each other, and I am sure what they spoke is 100% Chinese, but I could not understand.

Maybe that is why, sometimes, body language is always a common passport to everyone who has a different background from a different country with a different culture.

A dragon in Chinese culture is an auspicious creature who can bring abundant rains to dying crops but in contrast, the dragon in western culture is a monster who is breathing fires to destroy innocent people's houses and plants.

That is the difference. So lucky that Panda is all of our favorites!

The symbolic meanings of animals are what human beings put on, just like the colors in our world. If white represents noble and greatness, what about pale? So tiger is a natural creature that belongs to our diversified and lovely nature. No matter what it stands for, it is what it should be. Their yelling goes up with the wind from the deep valley and crosses the mountains and rivers, and then they turn to be a twined wild call with our good prayers for 2022! Peace and healthy!