Diverse Markets

Todo Rubber Co., Ltd, is mainly engaged in manufacturing rubber bumper plates, gym rubber tiles, and other fitness products. Meantime, we utilize our 15 years of experience in the rubber field to offer solutions to you. We started the rubber molding business in 2006. Our category includes Rubber buffer, rubber gasket, o-rings, rubber seals, rubber co-extrusions, and other parts used for the auto & construction industry. Besides, we offer you customization services for projects that refer to rubber & plastic materials. With more than fifteen years of experience in manufacturing, we can make your ideas come true.

Fitness and sport

Auto field


Sport and fitness

Main Markets Total Revenue (%)
Fitness & Sports 85%
Auto & construction 1%
Custom made 10%
Sourcing service 4%
European market 43%
North American market 40%
Southeast Asia market 10%
Oceania market 5%
Other markets 2%