Olympic bars

There are many solid bars on the market. Todo Fitness Group offers a wide range of bars, like Olympic weightlifting bars, power bars, or dual-marked bars. They are used for squat, snatch, and clean & jerk. In terms of rust prevention, we have black zinc, bright zinc, hard chrome, decorative chrome, and other approaches. 

Bushing and bearings are fixed inside the two sleeves. A major factor matters on spin and whip during the exercises.

knurling is not price-sensitive, but a bar with aesthetic, sharp and medium-depth knurling is good.

Black zinc
Black zinc shaft and sleeves. Good option for "lazy man" in cleaning job.

Bar with logo
Bar with logo caps. The plastic insertable caps with snap rings and washers. Easy to disssemble on users' end.

Bar with lock jaw collar
Bar with collar. We sell our bars going well with high-quality lock-jaw collars.

Paper sleeve
We pack our bars with standard paper sleeves. All outside sticked with detailed packing list.

With more than six years of close cooperation, our partners know what we pursue, and we know what you want.

Wooden crate is standard package we have. Each well-packed crate should weight less than 1.5tons.