Fitness accessories

Todo Fitness Group have spent five years finding and setting up a wide and reliable of resources in the filed of fitness and sports.

Our buying department will use their expertise to help you find the best products for you. There is an old saying in China that says the pavilion closest to the water enjoys moonlight first. We know what you want and we also understand how to communicate with Chinese suppliers as well.

For the sourcing service, on-site inspection and subsequent test reports are available. There is no doubt that the fitness industry is getting more prosperous, but people are also more confused than ever before. How to find the right manufacturers and providers of the fitness products on the market? At Todo Fitness Group we mainly make rubber weight plates, gym mats, hex dumbbells and other customized rubber parts use for fitness. For rubber bumper plates, we have standard training rubber bumper plates, crumb bumper plates, competition bumper plates and other custom made bumper plates as requested.

We do not want the lack of communication to stop you from having what you really want. That is why we have set up a communication mechanism to deal with any request regarding standard products and custom made items in rubber & plastic field. Our company is focused on what we will make your ideas come true. We are sure that our purchasing system can help you get what you want.