Fleck bumper plate

Camouflage rubber bumper plates are made of virgin rubber materials. Compared with standard color bumper plates, they are more colorful and just like camouflage clothing.

The hardness of our rubber bumper plates is around 85ShA. We can custom made a harder hardness, but it is not always a good option. As the hardness is harder, they will feel like dense plastic bumper plates and lost the feelings of rubber.

The weight tolerance is very tiny and strict with the range of the IWF standard. They are very durable and functional in many environments with a nice moderate bounce but low sound.

Besides, each dimension of our camouflage bumper plate is accurate. So there is no problem with the height of the inner edge being taller than the outer edge. That is what some consumers always expressed. What is more, the center hole size matters a lot. If the size of the center core is too big, the bar will shift a lot. On the contrary, it will get stuck or cannot get the sleeves through.

Tech data Details
Materials Virgin rubber
Inner core Stainless steel
OD 450mm IWF standard
Core diameter 50.6+/-0.2mm
Finish Matte
Warranty 1 year
Colors Custom made