Crumb bumper plate

Crumb bumper plate made of recycled rubber materials. No noise, very bouncing and durable. With good performance in weightlifting, it became more popular in Crossfit. They are the best choice for indoor and outdoor usage, especially for outdoor workouts on an even surface. Compared with the basic training bumper plates and competition bumper plates, they produce much bounce and they have thicker thicknes. Crumb bumper plates are made of recycled rubber tires. With very professional purifying, the left metal and other impurities will be picked out from the raw materials. Till now, we have resolved the tough problems of "unbalanced situation","collar popping-out", "odder smell" and other drawbacks. So far, we sell our crumb bumper plates to Japan, USA, Germany, Italy, France, Australia, South Africa, UK, and other countries.

crumb bumper plate with gray flecks

crumb bumper plate with green flecks

crumb bumper plate with yellow flecks

Crumb bumper plate with blue flecks

Tech data Details
Materials Eco-friendly rubber crumbs
Core Stainless steel
OD 450mm IWF standard
Color Black + black with color flecks
Logo Raised black+ embossed color
Customization service Available
Weight tolerance +/-200g
Package Brown carton + wooden pallet