Standard bumper plate with thick edge

Standard bumper plates are all IWF standard, 450mm in diameter with 50.6+/-0.2mm stainless steel inserts. Their surface is matte. Compared with crumb bumper plates, they do not produce much bounce during the exercises. Besides, players can stack more decent bumper plates on the bar due to the thinner thickness. With nice bounce and economy price, they are the best option for garage use. Because of separated rooms for color rubber processing and black rubber processing, we have improved a lot on the aesthetic of the color bumper plates from our workshop. With advanced vacuum vulcanizing machines, we can widely reduce the rates of our rubber bumper plates with problems of stains, blisters, scratches, and other faults.

Color rubber processing
Two separate workshops for black and color rubber materials processing.

Standard bumper plate with raised weight marks and printed logo.

Screen mold
Screen mold for logo processing.

Stainless steel core pression is very important. No hump, no hollow.

We have very skillful trimming workers.Tiny parting lines make the rubber bumper plates look more quality.

Coloring on the raised letterings is available from our plant.

Tech data Details
Materials Virgin rubber
Inner core Stainless steel
OD 450mm IWF standard
Core diameter 50.6+/-0.2mm
Finish Matte
Weight tolerance +/- 200g of marked weight
Logo Printed, embossed and heat transfer sticker
Colors Black + Colored