Rubber tiles

Color rubber processing
Rubber tile with top fine and bottom coarse granules

Rubber tile with all fine granules

Screen mold
We make flecks in gray, green, yellow, blue, red, white and other custom made colors.

High color options are available in red, blue, green, grey, yellow and other custom made color.

Printed pattern is available.

As they are heavy, so we always enhance them during our packing procedure.



This crumb rubber tile is the standard economic tile option for gym and playground flooring.

Two different options for gym ground and other playground: Rubber tile with top fine and bottom coarse granules/ Rubber tile with all fine granules.

When it comes to installation, they are usually glued to the floor. For drill holes and connector pins upon, we can also supply as you require.

This rubber tile has a flat back, but we can convert it to a drainage channel design suitable for outdoor use.

Tech data Details
Materials Recycled rubber
Size 500*500mm 10mm/15mm/20mm/25mm/30mm/40mm/50mm
Size 1000*1000mm 10mm/15mm/20mm/25mm/30mm/40mm/50mm
Color Black, blue, grey, red, green, yellow, black + different color flecks
MOQ 300 m2
Package Wooden pallet
Custom made Available
Sample Available