Heavy duty rubber tiles

One piece of heavy duty rubber tile is equipped with 8 pieces of connector. The holes on the back of the tile is standard, so they can fit all the connectors on market. Besides, we will add more connectors in every order, so our customers do not need worry of lacking of connectors in sales.

Color options
Color options

Rubber sheet
EPDM rubber sheet

Heavy duty rubber tile tope EPDM sheet
Heavy-duty rubber tile with straight edge

Gym use
Gym playground

500x500 black
500*500 black heavy-duty rubber tile

500x500 Color
500*500 color heavy-duty rubber tile

Rubber mat with square connectors
Heavy-duty rubber tile with square plastic connectors

Tech data Details
Materials Rubber sheet+ recycled sole crumbs
Size 500*500mm 500*500mm*15mm/20mm/25mm/30mm/40mm/45mm/50mm
Size 500*500 with square plastic connectors 500*500mm*20mm/25mm/30mm
MOQ 300m2
Sample Accepted
Package Wooden pallet