Discover the Positive Elements Driving Our Success

Find the key factors that set us aside from today’s competition

Machines and people, what do you care about the most? Maybe the answer is both.

At Todo Fitness Group, we are trying to discover the key factors which can set us aside from the severe competition of today. In terms of equipment upgradation, formula R&D, personalization service, local cooperation, and supply chain optimization, we always keep trying much effort into these areas. Besides, our company keeps investing in our workers with the experience, passion, know-how, and creativity to ensure every order is delivered exactly when and where you need it.

We moved to our new factory located in Jimo City in 2012. It takes about thirty minutes away from Qingdao Jiaodong International Airport. In 2020, during the pandemic outbreak, we’ve invested twenty sets of vacuum vulcanizing machine use for the rubber bumper plates, hex dumbbells, gym mats, and custom-made parts refer to rubber materials. Besides, we keep deep cooperation with Qingdao University of Science and Technology related to rubber and plastic materials.

Our new and regular customers also offer us their constructive suggestions and advice during the cooperation, and that truly help us upgrade our supply chain and improve the quality of our products and service. For example, how to stock color rubber materials to avoid getting dirty before vulcanization? How to diminish parting lines and aesthetic transformation on rubber bumper plates, enhanced package before delivery, and other aspects. Keeping going on and always be open to our customers are the main factors that help us move forward.